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A walk through the Duchy of Parma...

… from the historical center to the pilgrims’ roads

Starting from the visit of Parma religious heart (the Cathedral and the Babtistery, precious treasures of the Romanic and Gothic style) our trip will then show us the pilgrims’ road “Via Francigena” and its millenary churches.

… Parma at the age of the Dukes

You will visit huge palaces and parks, beautiful theatres and museums, and get to know the great and noble families who made Parma famous for its culture and elegance. Thanks to the Farnese, the Borbone and Marie Louise of Augsburg, Parma was called “la Petite Capitale”

… Parma castles from the Po to the Appennini

If you love castles and fortresses, Parma area is certainly for you! Its castles are considered among the most beautiful and best preserved in Italy. From the river Po to the Appennini we will lead you through a tour of history and charm among great fortresses, valorous knights, elegant courts and precious frescoes.

… where music is a living passion

We will discover together how the old Parma musical tradition still keeps enchanting both melomaniac and simple listener. Giuseppe Verdi’s land, Arturo Toscanini’s native home, the Regio Theatre, the “Casa della Musica” (Music House) are the places where this ancient passion is still alive.

… along the “Roads of Taste”

There must be some reason why Parma is well known all lover the world as the “Food Valley”. Just tasting the noble “culatello”, the sweet “Prosciutto di Parma” (Parma Ham), the tasteful salami, the famous “Parmigiano Reggiano” (Parmesan Cheese), you will jump into a world made of ancient unchanged traditions and the highest quality. You will go with us along the Roads of Taste, among food-dedicated museums, cheese factories’ visits and unforgettable natural highlights.

… the plain of the Po river

The magic foggy atmosphere of the Po river, the apparent immobility of its plain land will disclose you its fortresses, its churches and abbeys, its museums and characters: this is the “little world” of Giovannino Guareschi.

… Correggio’s and Parmigianino’s masterpieces

You will admire the absolute elegance, grace and formal perfection of two XVI century excellent artists: Correggio, one of the finest representatives of the humanistic culture, and Parmigianino, the genius of the mannerism.

The trip will start from the most important churches in Parma and, through the rich collection of the National Gallery, will lead to the mysterious room dedicated to Diana and Atteone inside the fortress of Fontanellato.