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Learning by travelling...

The Association '4 Passi per un Ducato ' organises educational walks for elementary and first and second grade of middle schools, with the possibility to personalise the walks on the basis of specific historical, artistic interests and any type of request.

Our proposal focuses attention on chronological-based or thematic itineraries:

The Roman period

The town of Parma is crossed by one of the most important Roman roads, la Via Emilia: We go through its origins rediscovering the traces of the Roman conquest.

(Piazza Garibaldi – Ponte romano – Archaeological Museum – Diocesan Museum)

Accessibility: accessible

The Middle Ages

Already the seat of a Dukedom since the times of the Longobards, the town assumes a role of importance during the fights between Rome and the Empire sustaining the imperial power. Its most famous sights give evidence to this historical period.

(Duomo – Baptistery– Vescovado – Diocesan museum – National Gallery – Santa Croce)

The Renaissance period

Two of the best known artists in the history of art, Correggio and Parmigianino, left examples of their extraordinary work in the city: we can go and discover them between church domes and castles.

(Church of Santa Maria della Steccata – Church of San Giovanni Evangelista with the cloisters the library and the old pharmacy – Camera di San Paolo – National Gallery – a selected castle*)

Accessibility: partial

Lunch pack: Parco Ducale, Parco della Pilotta

The Neoclassic Period

The presence of Maria Luigia of Austria brought great changes to all levels and a breath of modernity: Parma became the little Paris.

(Palazzo e Parco ducale – Teatro Regio – Museo Glauco Lombardi – Reggia di Colorno*)

Accessibility: partial

Lunch pack: Parco Ducale, Parco della Pilotta o Giardini di Colorno

Parma and the Via Francigena

The pilgrims crossing Europe to get to Rome in the Middle Ages, used to pass through Parma and its surrounding territory, where today numerous hospices, churches and 'pievi' can still be found.

(Church of Santa Croce – Duomo – Baptistery– a selected Pieve*)

Accessibility: accessible

Lunch pack: Parco Ducale, Parco della Pilotta

Ducal Parma

For two centuries the Farnese family stamped its authority on the city and its territory: we can visit the palatial residences and their elegant gardens.

(Palazzo della Pilotta – Teatro Farnese – Parco e Palazzo ducale – Reggia di Colorno)

Accessibility: accessible

Lunch pack: Parco Ducale, Parco della Pilotta or Giardini di Colorno

Parma Musicale

Parma is known throughout the world thanks also to Arturo Toscanini and Giuseppe Verdi: a trip through the world of music, opera and theatre helps us to understand them better.

(Teatro Regio – Casa della Musica – The Museum of Arturo Toscanini – Casa del Suono – Terre verdiane*)

Accessibility: partial

Lunch pack: Parco Ducale, Parco della Pilotta

Tasting Parma

The products that have made Parma an appetizing attraction to numerous culinary tourists and professionals hide a long history of tradition and a handmade production which has not changed over centuries. We go and see how Parmesan cheese (Parmigiano Reggiano) and Parma ham (prosciutto crudo) are made.

(Visit a dairy - Museum of Prosciutto di Langhirano - Museum of Soragna cheese)

Accessibility: accessible
Lunch pack. It is also possible to take advantage of the Parma ham tasting or to taste the traditional local products.

* For schools coming from outside the province, the tour has to be decided according to the time and the interests of the class.